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  • Where's The Pork ?
     Everyone has heard the phrase you are what you eat; however do you really know what you are eating A lot of people choose not to eat pork as part of their religious practice as well as for dietary
  • Use of Electronic Cigarettes on Upswing Among Youth

    The use of electronic cigarettes has spiked among middle- and high-school students over the last few years, undermining a decades-long effort to stem smoking among young Americans, officials said.

  • The two weeks I look forward to the most each year are the week in September and in February in which the white tents of Bryant Park are raised signifying Fashion Week.  I love viewing the collections

  • Pork Demon or Scapegoat

    Pork ,or swine, a term many people seem to now employ when referring to pig products, has really become a synonym for evil within the realm of Black consciousness. Many of us have, within in the last

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