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  • Uganda Silences Critics With Tough New Law

    Uganda’s ruling party, lead by President Yoweri Museveni, has cancelled the right to march, rally or demonstrate under a new “public order management” rule that critics say gives police dictatorial po

  • Japan is Latest Suitor for African Resources

    Since the tsunami and earthquake hit Japan in 2011, the Asian tiger has faced an unprecedented energy crisis, prompting it to reach out to African nations where some of the world’s richest wells of oi

  • Ghana's Democracy Faces Crucial Test

    After months of hearings, Ghana’s Supreme Court justices will put to rest, this week, a challenge to the election of 2012, creating a possible scenario of bitter if not violent feuding between the two

  • Cervical Cancer Drug to Be Discounted for Africa

    A major price cut goes into effect for a vaccine against cervical cancer. But the discount has run into criticism from health activists who say the costs for Africa are still “unjustifiably high.”

  • Study: Black Women Must Work Harder than Whites to Lose Weight

    African-Americans are at a disadvantage in many areas along the socioeconomic spectrum, and according to a new study, weight loss is among them.

    Black women need to work harder to lose weight compared

  • For Many Black Men, Shaving is an Ordeal

    Gregory Cooper, a slender 26-year-old, sometimes wears a scraggly beard that detracts from his good looks because he can’t shave every day.

    When he does shave with a blade, his face becomes inflamed

  • It's Water

    The issue of tap water vs. bottled water and the over pour of plastic bottles filling up our nations landfills has always been a problem in our country.  America’s tap water supply has been mislabeled

  • More Moms Breastfeeding, States Report

    More mothers in the United States are breastfeeding their babies, a practice that could potentially save billions in health care costs, the Centers for Disease Control found in a new study.

    More ho

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