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  • The Revolution Must Be Financed

    When it comes to gaining true freedom, the words and actions of our most revered Black authentic leaders emphasized economic empowerment.  Unfortunately, many of those who spoke the truth and tried to

  • Blackonomics  Hey, Chocolate City, Where Da Money At? -  Part One

    Some astute person once stated, “Politics is the art of turning public money into private money.”  Unless you have been hangin’ out on Mars, you certainly know that to be true.  Named by some as the “

  • Cognitive Dissonance on Federal Debt

    The U.S. Department of Treasury has announced that the deficit for 2013 was $680 billion (which is about $200 billion less than projected back in February). It has been falling since 2009 at the faste

  • Be an Advance Guard for Jobs

    In August 1963, as was the case 100 years earlier when the cemetery for the heroes of Gettysburg was dedicated, many speeches were delivered; but one stood out as a galvanizing moment to redefine and

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